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Author Signing Guidelines

Below are some of the guidelines we have for the book signing events. We typically host on Saturday afternoons as it's the busiest time for our locations and would help get more of our customers to see you, the author!


Unfortunately, we won't be able to pre-purchase your book prior to the event nor sell your book on your behalf. Our store mainly deals with the trading of books and media and does not have a consignment program to handle external sales. We do, however, provide our space free of charge to all eligible local authors to set up and do a meet and greet with our customers. During this time, you may sell your book. There are no set-up or transaction fees. You get to keep all the earnings from the sales of your book.  



General guidelines for all author visits/book signing events:

- Authors interested in holding a book signing event at the Book Exchange must submit the following information via email prior to a hosting agreement:

          (1) the title of the book(s) being promoted,

          (2) short descriptions of their book(s)

          (3) the genre of the book(s)

- We are a family-oriented store and, therefore, do not host books that contain sexually explicit content (Erotica themed books)

- As a host, we provide a space within our store free of charge

- As a host, we provide the basic equipment such as a table and chairs during the event. Authors must bring their own poster stands, banner holders, a payment processing device (such as a Square) and all other necessary equipment.

- As a host, we do not pre-order books prior to your book signing

- Authors must bring their own supply of books to their book signing

- Authors may sell their books during the event (there is no cost for selling your books at your event)

- All book sale transactions must be made independent of our cash register system (please bring a device to process credit card payments if you are not accepting cash)

- Any snack or beverage you wish to bring to your event must be approved by the Book Exchange management (alcoholic beverages are not allowed). 

- As a host, an event page will be created for you and advertised on our website and social media pages. Once an event page has been created for you, please consider helping us promote the event to ensure a good turnout.  We will provide the link for you to tag and share with all your followers.  You may also direct all your followers to our website at or our social media pages for more event details.

- We reserve the right to decline or cancel the book signing event at any time.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If you're interested in setting up an author signing with us, please let us know and we can schedule something for our locations. At this time, Book Exchange Chesapeake does not have enough space to host signings, so anything scheduled will take place at our Book Exchange Norfolk and Book Exchange Virginia Beach locations. In your email, please indicate which location(s) you would like to have the event.



All emails regarding events should be sent to (please allow at least 24 hours for a response from our team). 

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