Michele Mikki Jones (Apr. 4th, 25th)
Richard Gregory (Apr. 11th)
Trent Wynne (Apr. 11th, June 20th)
Michelle Munger (Apr. 18th, May 30th)
Ifedayo Greenway (May 2nd, 23rd)
Fanita Pendleton (May 9th)
Tiffani Gallop (May 16th)
TeQuila Connors (June 4th, July 30th)
Booby Huntley (June 4th, 18th)
A'Taris Anthony (July 16th)
Richard Gregory (July 23rd)
Teresa Inge, Sheryl Jordan, Michael D. Rigg, Allie Marie, Wendy H. Jones (Aug 27th)
Barbara Walker (Sept. 10)
Deja F. Malloy (Sept. 2022)
Mike Krentz (Sept. 2022)
Anthony Owens (Sept. 2022)
Ken Reynolds (Sept. 2022)
Jason Savio (Sept. 2022)
Courtney Rene (Sept. 2022)

[ POP-UP ]



We have so many talents in the Hampton Roads area and we love hosting them.  Join us at the Book Exchange, Norfolk and Virginia Beach for an afternoon/evening of fun and engaging conversations with your local authors and crafters.  All the events take place on Saturdays, and are free to attend!  


Click here to learn more about how to schedule a pop-up or a book signing event, or send us an email (Email is the preferred method of contact for our events manager. Please allow at least 24 hours for a response from our team).


Stay up-to-date for all our Book Signings & Pop-Ups events by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Local Author Signings


Hillary Hardin

"God's Love is Not Denied"

The Harlan Honeycutt Series


Theresa Kirklen

"Mom's Words of Wisdom & Common Sense"

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Dominic Pistritto

"The Marksman: A Knight's Tale"

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November 26th

10am-1pm @ VB

  2pm-4pm @ NFK

December 3rd

11am-1pm @ NFK

3pm-5pm @ VB

December 10th

11am-1pm @ VB

3pm-5pm @ NFK


Quori Grands

"“Do What You’re Supposed to Do So You Can Do What You Wanna Do”

December 17th 

12pm-2pm @ VB

3pm-5pm @ NFK