Bring your books, movies, and music and trade with us. We’re always happy to look at what you want to trade at any time. Our trade policy is customer friendly. There are no hidden fees and you can use your credit at both of the Book Exchange locations at any time!


COVID-19 update:  December 15, 2021

With phase three in effect, our locations have the following updates for our customers:

  1. We are open Monday - Saturday from 10 am - 6 pm and on Sunday from 12 pm - 6 pm.

  2. We are accepting trades.

  3. We have a trade limit of 2 bags/boxes (equivalent to grocery paper bag size) per customer per day. Large trades are welcome but must be dropped off.

  4. Please remember to include your contact information with your trades so that we can (1) contact your when your trade is completed, and (2) minimize loss/misplaced items.

  5. All unaccepted items must be picked-up within 48 hours of notification.  Any items not picked-up will be considered as donations and removed from our store promptly to keep our store clean.

  6. To ensure the safety of everyone, we are continuing to disinfect our store freq.

We appreciate your support, understanding, and cooperation at this time, and we will keep you posted on any changes as soon as they become available.  We hope to see you in store soon!


We are open:

Mon-Sat 10 AM - 6 PM

Sun 12 PM - 6 PM

Questions?  Give us a call.

Norfolk: (757) 583-2665

Virginia Beach: (757) 222-0117

Chesapeake : (757) 904-0192



  • We evaluate each item based on condition, popularity and our current inventory (what we don't currently have on our shelves).

  • For items we accept, the trade credit for:

    • books are 1/4 of the original cover price (MSRP).​

    • movies & music are 1/2 of our selling price.

  • Your credits are good for use at all locations. 

  • Your credit

  • A typical trade takes about 10-15 min but this depends on the volume, age, and condition of the books.  Books with no ISBN may take longer.

  • In a hurry?  No problem.  You can "Drop-Off" your trade with us.  We will give you a call when we are done.

  • Anything we cannot accept can be donated through us.  However, we are not a non-profit and cannot provide you with a tax receipt. The items are sent to various non-profit organizations such as Salvation Army, Goodwill, Better World Books, etc.  We also hold a charity sale for all donated items each month to help local non-profit organizations of Hampton Roads.  All proceeds from the event are donated to the organization of the month.  

  • All trades are at the discretion of the Book Exchange staff.  


  • ​We accept Books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, Vinyl Records, 45 rpm singles & Cassette Tapes in good condition.  
  • We accept fiction and non-fiction of various genres in paperback and some in hardcover (depending on the subject, year of publication and the current demand).  
  • We take many books, movies, and music in nearly every category.  Bring them in and we'll happily look at them.
  • Books must be in good condition and have little to no notes, underlining, highlighting, etc. 


  • Books with excessive damage.
  • Books, movies, and music with evidence of mold, insects or pet hair.  Items must be brought to us in clean containers or bags.  
  • Encyclopedias and magazines.
  • CDs, Vinyl Records, Cassette Tapes, DVDs and Blu-Rays without the original cover/artwork and cases.  
  • VHS tapes.
  • Books, movies, and music with explicit or parental advisory contents.​



* All trades are at the discretion of the Book Exchange staff.  We reserve the right to decline books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and records that do not fall within our trade policy.